Small suite, op.1(1950)

Three Preludes, op.2 (1950)

The Moods, op.4 (1950)

Nocturne, op.5 (1950)

Ballad, op.6 (1950)

Toccata, op.7 (1950)

Fantastic dance, op.8 (1950)

Miniatures, op.9 (1950)

Two Intermezzi, op.10 (1951)

Variations on a theme from Medjimurje, op.11 (1951)

Sonatina No.1, op.12 (1951)

Sonatina No.2, op.16 (1952)

The Ragusan divertimento, op.18 (1952)

Sonata No.1, op.19 (1952) 

Sonatina No.3, op.24 (1954)

Humorous etudes, op.26 (1957)

Sonatina No.3, op.29 (1959)

Sonata No.2, op.37 (1962)

Vignettes, op.43a (1963)

A Musical Dictionary, op.71 (1982)

Three Sonatinas, op.72 (1982)

Sonata No.3, op.76 (1983)

Three Nocturnes, op.78 (1984) 

Scarlattiana, op.80 (1984)

Fauna, op.81 (1984)

Scherzo, op.85 (1985)

Homage to Jovanka Stojković, op.92 (1987) 

Noon, op.109 (1993)

Lullabies for a better world, op.113 (1994)

Breath of the distant wind, op.116 (1995)

Tropical nights, op.127 (1997)

Twelve Dances, op.137 (1998)

Twelve Ostinatos, op.148 (2000)

Little variations for little pianists, op.155 (2001)

In a children world, op.157 (2001)

Ten Etudes, op.160 (2002) 

Les Adieux, op.170 (2004)

Ten canons, op.198 (2009)

La Danza, op.230 (2011)



Ragusan divertimento, op.18b,for two pianos(1957)

Minuet, op.18b/bis,for two pianos and six performers (1985)

Finale, op.30a, for two pianos and four performers (2008)

Messages, op.68, for two pianos (1980)

Toccata, op.178, for four hand piano (2007)

Scherzo Tarantella, op.184, for two pianos with four performers (2007) 



Suite, op.21, for harp (1953)

Partita, op.60, for flute (1975)

Variations on the Birthday Song, sine op., for flute (1980)

Nine Dances, op.62, for clarinet (1976)

Pastorale, op.64, for oboe (1977)

Monologue, op.66, for viola (1979)

Monologue, op.66a, for violoncello (1983)

Sonata, op.85, for violin (1986)

Sonata B–A–C–H, op.97, for organ (1989)

Collage, op.139, for bassoon (1998)

The Book of Fairy Tales, op.140, for oboe/English horn (1999)

Sounding Pictures, op.156, for accordion (2003)

Per organo, op.179, for organ (2007)

Sonata, op.203, for violoncello solo (2009)

Three psalms, op.216, for organ (2010)

Rhapsody, op.223, for harp (2011)

Pantomime, op.225, za English horn (2011)

Lupus in fabula, op.234, dialogues for solo violoncello (2012)



Nocturne, op.5b, for flute and piano (1963)

Nocturne, op.5d, for flute and harp (1963)

Pastorale and Dance, op.15, for flute and piano (1957)

Three Melodies, op.18/21/52, for oboe/violoncello and piano (1952–1968)

Spring Pastorale, op.32, for violin and piano (1961)

Vignettes, op.43c, for violin and piano (1966)

Vignettes, op.43e, for violoncello and piano (2008)

Ballad, op.47, for viola and piano (1964)

Recitativo e Passacaglia funebre, op.52, for violoncello and piano (1968)

Humoresque, op.74, for violoncello and piano (1983)

Duet, op.75a, for oboe and piano (1983)

EMYduo,op.77, for violin and viola (1984)

The Old Song, op.79a, for clarinet and piano (1984)

Sonatina, op.88, for trumpet and piano (1986)

Ballad, op.91, for horn and piano (1986)

Canzona, op.98, for trombone/horn and piano (1989)

Three Meditations, op.99a, for violoncello and piano (1989)

Meditation on the Old Folk Song, op.108, for oboe and harp (1992)

Violin, op.122, poem for violin and piano (1996)

The Musical Week, op.123, for two violoncellos (1997)

Koštana's song, op.128, for violin and piano (1997)

Rhapsody, op.130a, for clarinet and piano (2007)

Dithyramb, op.131, for flute and guitar (1997)

15 TwoPart inventions, op.136, for clarinet and bassoon (1998)

Ethno–Sonata, op.143, for oboe and piano (1999)

Ethno–Sonata, op.143a, forviolin and piano (2006)

Quartetto per due, op.154, for oboe/English horn and violin/viola(2002)

Pas de deux, op.159, for flute and clarinet (2001)

Moto perpetuo, op.163, for violin and piano (2002)

Scherzo for Irena, op.182, for violoncello and piano (2007)

Divertimento, op.201, for violin and violoncello (2009)

Hunt, op.228, for horn and piano (2010)

Vignettes, op.43g, for two violins (2012)

Summer time, op.236, for violin and piano (2013)

Lele, dunje ranke, op.237, duo for flute and violin (2013)

Circle, op.240, haiku-poem for violin and piano

"Becarac" from Pancevo, op.244, for oboe and clarinet



Nocturne, op.5a, for two flutes/violins and piano (1955)

Nocturne, op.5c, for two flutes and harp (1960)

Pas de trois, op.54, for piano trio (1972)

The Old Song and Dance, op.79, for piano trio (1984)

The Old Song, op.79b, for flute, violoncello and piano (1984)

Manchester trio, op.93, for flute/clarinet, violoncello and piano (1987)

Lamentoso, op.114, for two violins and piano (1994)

Brasserie, op.135, for brass wind trio (1998)

Seven Studies, op.145, for three clarinets (2000)

Duet and dance, op.151, for two violins and piano (2000)

…and other stories (The Book of Fairy Tales II), op.152, for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (2002)

Sonatina B–A–C–H, op.185, for three violins (2007)

Miniatures for FLOBARP-trio, op.206, for flute, oboe and harp (2009)

Danze rustiche, op.215, for string trio (2010)

Movement for "Movement", op.243, for violin, clarinet and piano



Small suite, op.14, for string quartet (1951)

The First String Quartet, op.20 (1953)

The Ragusan divertimento, op.18c, for string quartet (1959)

Divertimento, op.23, for wood wind quartet (1954)

Two Pieces (Arpeggio, Swan), op.71/81, for four harps (2003)

The Second String Quartet, op.83 (1985)

Northern lights, op.101, for three flutes and guitar (1990)

Homage to Stevan Mokranjac, op.132b, for string quartet (1997)

The Forth String Quartet, op.162 (2004)

Ballad, op.164, for cello quartet (2002)

Miniwave, op.165, for cello quartet (2002)

Closeness of Spring, op.171, for flute and string trio (2004)

Quartetto domestico, op.187, for piano quartet (2008),

The Fifth String Quartet, op.191 (2008)

The Sixth String Quartet, op.194 (2008)

Quartetto fugato (7th String Quartet), op.212 (2010)



Intrada, op.23a, for brass wind quintet (1982)

Vignettes, op.43b, for wind quintet (1963)

Sonatina, op.53, for wind quintet (1970)

Duet, op.75b, for oboe and string quartet (1998)

A Lovely Evening (II Meditation), op.99b, for nine violoncellos (1998)

Dies irae, op.106, for oboe, string trio and piano (1992)

A cinque, op.115, for wind quintet (1994)

Lullabies for a better world, op.113a, for nonet and harp (2006)

Serenade, op.117, for nonet and harp (1995)

Homage to Stevan Mokranjac, op.132, for nine violoncellos (1997)

Homage to Stevan Mokranjac, op.132e, for double bass quintet (2008)

A Meeting, op.195, for wind quintet (2008)

The Rose of Winds, op.210, rondo for nonet and harp (2009)

Schulwerk, op.238, eight fugues for wind quintet (2013)

Oversinging, op.245, for flute, oboe and string trio



Ragusan divertimento, op.18d, for string orchestra (1988)

Symphonietta, op.103, for (large) string orchestra (1990)

On the End of the Road, op.125, poem for chamber (a 1) orchestra (1997)

Homage to Stevan Mokranjac, op.132a, for string orchestra (1997)

Dreams, op.138, poem for string orchestra (1998)

Bachiana, op.142, for string orchestra (1999)

Tajcheviciana, op.173, for string orchestra (2006)

Serenade for Strings, op.204, (2009)

Old Mans Sonnet, op.226, for string orchestra (2011)

Muzika za imaginaran film, op.227, for chamber orchestra (2012)



Ragusan divertimento, op.18a (1957)

Overture, op.22 (1954)

Symphony dminor, op.25 (1955)

Vignettes, op.43f (2008)

Concerto for orchestra No.1, op.50 (1966)

Concerto for orchestra No.2, op.70 (1980)

Sonata B–A–C–H, op.97a (2006)

Sounding pictures, op.156a (2006)

Concerto for orchestra No.3 (Ballet Scenes), op.161 (2004)

Chamber symphony (II), op.176 (2006)

Symphony No.3, op.177 (2007)

Symphonic scherzo, op.180 (2007)

Dances, op.181 (2007)

Solemn overture, op.183 (2007)

From the Old Album, op.186 (2007)

Symphony No.4, op.188 (2008)

Symphony No.5, op.192 (2008)

Winter Fairy Tale, op.193, music for TV–ballet (2008)

The Day of All the Living, op.199, symphonic poem (2009)

Symphony No.6, op.200, (2009)

Overture for an Opera Buffa, op.209, (2009)

Gaudeamus igitur... nos habebit humus, op.214, symphonic poem (2010)

Suite from the Opera "Merry Priests from Banat", op.222, (2011)

Symphonic Dance, op.224, (2011)

Seventh Symphony, op.229, (2012)



Concertino in D, op.28, for two flutes and chamber orchestra (1958)

Concerto Cmajor, op.30, for piano and orchestra (1960)

Concertino, op.40, for clarinet, bassoon and orchestra (1963)

Concerto grosso, op.45, for wind quintet and symphonic orchestra (1964)

Concerto grosso, op.45a, for wind quintet  and string orchestra (1986)

Divertimento concertante, op.51 for trumpet, horn and symphonic orchestra (1967)

Divertimento concertante, op.51a, for clarinet, trumpet, horn and string orchestra (1998)

Recitativo e Passacaglia funebre, op.52a, for violoncello and string orchestra (1975)

Triptych, op.63, for violin and orchestra (1978)

Concerto for Nataša, op.67, for piano and orchestra (1980)

Epitaph, op.95, for viola and string orchestra (1988)

Three Meditations, op.99, for violoncello and string orchestra (1989)

Concerto sereno, op.110, for flute and string orchestra (1993)

Koštana's song, op.128a, for violin and string orchestra (2000)

Partita concertante, op.129, for oboe and string orchestra (1997)

Music for Sonja, op.130, for clarinet, piano and string orchestra (1997)

Es ist genug, op.141, for two violoncellos and string orchestra (1999)

Diptych, op.166, for English horn and string orchestra (2003)

Concerto, op.168, for trumpet and string orchestra (2004)

Concerto, op. 168a, trumpet and symphonic orchestra (2004)

Concertino for violin and chamber orchestra, op. 202, (2009)

Concertino for piano and chamber orchestra, op. 205, (2009)

Concertino for violoncello and chamber orchestra, op. 217, (2010)

Concertino per Urmino, op. 231, for violin, piano, horn and string orch. (2012)



Two Songs, op.3, for three–voice/ female choir (1950)

The day of all the living, op.46, for mixed choir (1964)

My mother's eyes, op.56, three–voice female children choir (1972)

Four consonants, op.59, for mixed choir (1975)

Circle, op.61, poem for three–voice female choir (1976)

Elegy, op.86a, for chamber mixed choir (1997)

Ode to Youth, op.100, for five–voice mixed choir (1990)

Psalm, op.102, for six–voice mixed choir (1990)

The Prayer, op.104, for four–voice mixed choir (1991)

Satirikon, op.134, triptych for mixed choir (1998) 

Sorcerers, op.144, for four–voice female choir (2000)

The Book of Madrigals, op.147, for four–voice mixed choir (2000)

A Šantić's Triptych, op.169, for four–voice mixed choir (2004),

Lament (of Batrić's sister), op.189, for four–voice female choir (2008)

Maiden songs, op.190, for four–voice female choir (2008)

Prayer, op.104a, for four-part female choir (2009)

Bright Tombs, op.213, cantata for bariton solo and mixed choir (2010)

Messages from Vranje, op.239, for mixed choir

Good Bye, World!, op.241, for four–voice male choir



Butterfly's Lullaby, op.27, for female choir and chamber orchestra (1957)

Three Rebellion Songs, op.33, for mixed choir and piano (1961)

The day of all the living, op.46a, for mixed choir and eight instruments (1988)

Duet, op.75, for oboe and four–voice female choir (1983)

Elegy, op.86, for clarinet and four–voice female choir (1986)

Jefimija to Lazar, op.94, cantata for mezzo–soprano, choir and symphonic orchestra (1988)

Scherzo, op.121, for baritone, female choir and three instruments (1996)

In this darkness, op.111, for mixed choir, piano and percussion instruments (1994)

Three Sad Songs, op.124, for female choir, string orchestra and horn solo (1996)

Two operatic scenes, op.207, for solos, choir and symphonic orchestra (2009)

Zum, zum, op.208, scherzo for mixed choir and double bass (2009)

On the Eve of Holiday, op.211, cantata for bariton, mixed choir and string orchestra (2009)

A man singing after the war, op.232, monodrama for baritone and symphony orchestra (2012)

Blue grave, op.233, cantata for solo baritone, choir and orchestra (2012)

Children's cantata, op.242, for children's/female choir and chamber orchestra



Priest Ćira and priest Spira, op. 220, two acts comic opera (2009-2011)



Three Songs, op.13, for baritone and piano (1951)

Adriatic Sonnets, op.17, for deep voice and piano (1952/56)

Circle, op.48, cycle for voice and chamber orchestra (1964)

Two Songs, op.69, for baritone and piano (1981)

The dead flower, op.82, cycle for mail voice and piano (1985)

Two Poems, op.89, for voice, clarinet/violin and piano (1986)

Anthology of Dubrovnik Renaissance Poetry, op.96, cycle for female voice and harpsichord/piano (1989)

The Ozone of the Homeland, op.105, cycle for mezzo–soprano and piano (1991)

Circle, op.107, cycle for female voice and piano (1992)

Roses and Faded Roses, op.118 nos.1 and 2, cycles for voice and piano/string orchestra (1995)

Two Songs by Momčilo Nastasijević, op.119, for baritone and piano (1995)

Nonconsumer, op.121a, for baritone and piano (1998)

Forgiveness, op.126 for baritone and piano (1997) 

Reformer, op.133, for baritone and piano/string orchestra (1998)

Maiden songs, op.149 for soprano and clarinet solo (2000)

Branko's lyre, op.150, cycle for mezzo–soprano, baritone and string orchestra (2000)

Eyes, op.153, for baritone and piano (2001)

Autumn songs, op.158, cycle for soprano, flute and piano (2001)

Spring songs, op.167, cycle for soprano, flute and piano (2003)

The Green Knight, op.167a, for mezzo–soprano and piano (2006)

Peony, op.172, poem for soprano, flute and piano (2005)

ConstitutionCreator, op.174, for baritone and piano (2006)

The last songs, op.175, cycle for baritone and piano/orchestra (2006)

Laughing song, op.235, for soprano, flute and piano (2012)



Four Children Songs, op.31, for child's voice/children's choir and piano/chamber ensemble (1961),

Autumn, op.34, cycle for child's voice/children's choir and chamber orchestra (1961)

Winter, op.35, cycle for baritone, children's choir and piano (1961)

Eight Children Songs, op.36, for child's voice, children's choir and piano (1962)

Lieutenant Ribanac, op.38, music for children's radio–game (1962)

Ćosa and Giants, op.39, music for children's radio–game (1962)

Month of Young, op.41, for children's choir and 13 instrumentalists (1963)

Curious song, op.42, for child's voice, children's choir and piano (1963)

Riddle, op.44 for child's voice, children's choir and chamber ensemble (1964)

New Year's Train, op.49, music for children's radio–game (1964)

Advertisements, op.55, for three–voice children's choir (1972)

What someone does in boredom?, op.57, for child's voice, children's choir and piano/chamber ensemble (1972)

Laughing song, op.58, for three–voice children's choir (1974),

A Little Horse, op.65, for two–voice children's choir and piano (1979)

Two Songs, op.73, for two–voice children's choir, solo voices and piano (1982)

Zoological sketches, op.87, for two–voice children's choir (and piano) (1986)

Rain, op.90, for three–voice children's choir (1987)

Grandmas and frogs, op.129, for four–voice children's choir (1999)

Children songbook, for two–voice children's choir and piano (op.31, 42, 55, 56, 58, 65, 73, 87, 90)(2006)



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